Tackling Contemporary Issues in Ed Tech in 7 Weeks!

Just this week it hit me that I have come to more than just the end of this class but the end of my time spent in classes taught by Alec and it feels a little weird to know this will be my last summary of learning! I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to take all 5 grad classes offered by Alec throughout my program and I have to say, if you are new to your degree and passionate about educational technology, take them ALL! They’ve changed how I run my classroom and how I think about preparing my students for their future!

Without further ado, my summary for #eci830…

This summer I will finish up my Masters degree and I am thinking come the Fall I will be feeling a little lost without blogs to read, twitter to check and posts to write… don’t worry too much, I am sure I will find something to spend my time on!


One comment

  1. I enjoyed taking another class with you! I always appreciate your willingness to challenge others on their hesitations around technology and help to support and show them how they can address these concerns. You are always so willing to share what you are doing with technology in your classroom and I find this so helpful to see how I can continue moving forward in my technology journey! Thanks friend!

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