Summary of Learning

Hard to believe it is that time but here comes another summary of learning!

Throughout the semester I gained an understanding of the important factors and pieces that must be in place when integrating a blended or fully online approach to teaching. I am excited to continue the learning that we have done by working towards integrating more blended learning opportunities into my current practice.

As for my video below, I had hoped that the pictures would be a little clearer but did the best that I could/knew how/what google told me! I had originally planned to put the video together using iMovie using my iPad. Well, turns out short little videos on the iPad are much easier to do than what I intended for my summary! I had to turn to Movie Maker and I think it turned out not too bad. One day a Mac Book will be mine!

I also feel like I need to give a shout out to @MrLPetlak! That cat line is all in fun I promise!

Thank you all for a great semester of learning, collaborating and team work!



  1. Nicely done Nicole! Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone. Garth Brooks is a favourite of mine as well (although I only saw him once in June).

    It was really great working with you this semester! We should find more projects to collaborate on!

  2. Great job Nicole and a great song too!
    I like that you reflected on your goals at the beginning! Cheers

  3. I also love that you went back to your goals at the start of the semester – really brings everything into perspective! I think it is awesome you did a song – in all the four classes I have taken with Ale and Katia, I have never had the courage to do so. You summarized everything really well and brought a lot of things into perspective. Well done!

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