Ready for Some Science

Our project started to take shape very early in the semester. We decided quite quickly that we were up to the challenge of creating an online course designed for primary students. The process of thinking about the what and how for this project involved research of different LMS systems and trying to decide what would best suit students who are in the 6-8 age range.Our initial idea of creating a course that was of the blended variety never wavered. We felt that it was crucial to be able to teach our students the skills they would need in order to be able to effectively navigate the course. Skills that will also be transferable to further learning in online or face to face environments. For this very reason, we settled on Weebly.

Why Weebly?

Weebly does not require any student log in to access the content of the course. Speaking from experience with primary students, this is perfect! Also, it is very user friendly and was easy to navigate when setting up the course on the teacher end. We have set up the Weebly with the hope that any teacher would be able to visit the weebly and implement with very little planning outside of the modules we haven’t created. On a side note, much like Ashley and Sarah I am hoping to continue to develop more modules to use in my classroom next year!

In an effort to share more about our pedagogical decisions and goals for this course, I am going to walk you through what you will see when you visit our Grade 2 Science – Solids and Liquids prototype course!

Home Page

Let’s start with the home page! What will you see here?

  • Our intended audience for this course is grade 2 students who are learning about Solids and Liquids
  • Our curriculum has come from the Saskatchewan Grade 2 Science Curriculum
  • We have set up the home page so that teachers could use this space as an introduction.
  • We have provided teachers with an idea for opening activity using TodaysMeet – knowing that this could be completed at the school level or on a device at home

Moving on to the Course Overview page:

We designed this page very simply so as not to overwhelm any teachers who visit this page. However, the links found on this page are where you will find the information for why our course is designed as it is. In the linked documents you will see what our goals are, the outline for teaching the course and how the course will flow, as we see it.

Unnamed image (3)

  • A link to our course rationale and course overview (created using a shared google doc)

Next up is the Experiment Station!

experiment station

The experiment station is set up to be the hub for students. This is where we would direct students and parents to view lessons and tasks. As the course was developed further, you would find a lesson for each piece of the course. What will you find here now?

  • The sample modules for the course can be found on this page.

Next up, some collaboration!

collab 1

What will you see here?

  • We have created a guide for teaching and planning document that would allow teachers to create a timeline that will work in their classrooms setting
  • A video to share why we feel that Seesaw is the perfect tool to support this course
  • A document for feedback. We wanted to be able to support teachers who decide to teach this course to their students
  • Information for how to contact the creators of the course (myself and Amy) with any tips, suggestions or questions based around this course

collab 2

I do believe that Amy and I have create a course that is relevant, accessible, well planned, of sound pedagogy and keeps the student’s learning as the focus!

Check out Amy’s post from this week to see a little more about our process! There was a lot of second guessing, revamping, texting, snap chatting, sound pedagogy and team work that went into the creation of this prototype.


  1. What a great review and snapshot of your journey. I think you guys made the right choice in selecting weebly as your platform. It feels good to have something in place that we can continue to develop doesnt it!? Can’t wait to see everyone’s course on a Tuesday.

  2. This is amazing Nicole and Amy! Having taught grade 2 before as a guest teacher I would have loved to try this. Your students are very luck!

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