A New Learning Journey

I thought I would start the first post of the semester by continuing on with the activity from our first class! Is it bad that I had a hard time coming up with hashtags to describe myself? Anyway, my name is Nicole Reeve and I currently teach grade 2 at MacNeill School in Regina and this is my third year with Regina Public Schools. Prior to teaching here in Regina I taught at Pleasantdale School in Estevan, Saskatchwean for four years where I taught grade 4, grade 2, grade 7 and team taught some grade 8 math. The student life is something I came back to last winter and this course will be my third in my journey to getting my Masters. It’s also my third ed tech course, I hear I am going to have to stray from these Ed tech courses eventually and I am not sure I am ready! If you’re new to the #courobrandt classes, you’ve made a great choice and the learning is fantastic!

When I am not at work or working on my classes I like to attempt to do little DIY projects, attempt being the key word there but I like to try things out. As you can see above I have a puppy and she keeps  me busy as she’s still in the puppy phase at times. I feel you Elizabeth with the puppy phase but it does get better! As I am writing this she is beside me stealing socks from the laundry basket! I like to try my hand at cooking from time to time. Sometimes it works great and sometimes it’s a full on #pinterestfail but hey, that’s how we learn right?

Speaking of learning, I best get into my goals for the semester!

1) I want to engage and collaborate more with all of you. Last semester I found that I didn’t do as much connecting with classmates as I would have liked and I plan to carve out time each week to read and comment on the blog posts from the hub.

2) I want to challenge what I know about learning as many of us know it today. Often when we speak of teaching and learning it involves a classroom and desks and being physically present. Last semester we had the opportunity to learn about the Sun West Distance Learning Center and I was intrigued to say the least. I want to learn more about what distance learning looks like at all learning levels. From Kindergarten through to secondary education.

3) Like many others have mentioned, I also want to gain a better understanding of what the development of online and  blended learning environments looks like. Where does one begin? What does the process look like? Is online learning more or less flexible than physically being in a classroom? Does that matter?

I am sure as the course progresses each of these goals will stem into new goals and I can’t wait to see where the semester takes us!




  1. Hey Nicole! Looking forward to learning from you again! My gosh you dog looks so adorable – she could definitely get away with stealing my socks! You have a lot of experience teaching in elementary and middle years classrooms. You now find yourself in grade 2 – is that your preferred area? I love your goals, very detailed and on point. Good luck this semester!

    • Not sure I have a preferred area, guess you could say I am still figuring out. Love the growth you see in the primary level and also really enjoy the conversations and questions asked with the older guys! They both are great and for now it’s primary for me! Have a great semester!

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