That’s a Wrap on 833

It’s seems as though we just started this class! I am well aware that we haven’t and I am also more aware of just how much knowledge and information has been shared throughout the semester. The opportunity to listen to each of my classmates share about different topics pertaining to educational technology has provided me with a greater understanding of how technology impacts education.

This semester has provided me with many opportunities to question what I thought I already knew and to grow as an educator.

It is my hope that this summary shares with you what I feel have been the most important pieces of knowledge I have gained from the semester!


My summary of learning for eci833:

Credit for images used in Powtoon video:

Jungle –

Galaxy –

Body –



  1. Nicole, I really like the questions that you asked during your summary. It really is about embracing the changes in education and keep up to date with technology in order to help us embrace the changes. It is also so important to take things 1 step at a time. It’s difficult to remember that at times and things can seem like the are spiralling out of control. It’s important to take a step back and gather ourselves without feeling like we are falling behind. Thanks for sharing Nicole!

    • Thanks Ashley! I always find that when I ask questions I think deeper about some, glad you liked them. I think taking that step back is so important at times, I sure wish I had someone to remind me to do that every now and then!

  2. Great summary Nicole! I appreciate that you mentioned taking things one at a time when tackling on edtech. We can so easily become overwhelmed by the long list of available tools and it’s easy to do nothing due to the feelings of being overwhelmed. You’ve given me a great reminder that it’s okay to start small! Happy holidays!

  3. Great job Nicole! I think it’s very crucial to keep in mind that we are all at different pints on this edtech journey. Good reminder.

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