Why Seesaw?

After the presentation in class this week I was excited to sit down and share with all of you why I think Seesaw might be one of the best tools yet for student portfolios and connecting daily learning with families! As I sat down to read some classmates blog posts I realized that Erin from Beyond the Four Walls  with her post A Tool Within My Toolbox beat me to saying pretty much everything I would have said about Seesaw.

So I decided to take a bit of a different approach and embrace the challenge provided to us from this weeks presentation group. I didn’t use VideoScribe but decided to try out a new to me tool called  Moovly as a way to share my thoughts around why I think Seesaw is so great!

I hope I did the challenge proud and also succeeded in sharing why Seesaw is so great!



  1. Great post Nicole! Moovly seems like a really neat tool…I need to check it out! I appreciate how you pointed out that Seesaw is not additional work for teachers. It has simply replaced many of the less efficient and less meaningful assessment/sharing practices I previously used.

  2. Thanks Nicole and Erin for informing me about Seesaw. My son is in Grade 3 and I often get the answer “nothing” when I ask what happened at school. I would love to have a way to stay up to date with what they are doing. A frustration of mine is that I really don’t know what they are working on. He complains that math is so hard, but he can’t explain well enough for me to figure out what they are working on. With Seesaw would I know what types of problems they are working on so I could offer some help at home?

    • With Seesaw, depending on how the classroom teacher sets it up in the daily routine, you see anything that they share. As an example, today I had my grade 2’s outside using rocks to count by 2. We took a picture of their collection of rocks and wrote a sentence together. Each of them shared this on their personal Seesaw journal for their parents to see.

  3. I like how you presented your blog response in a new format! I am relieved to know that I am able to learn seesaw along side my students. I feel that’s how it is with most technology!

  4. Great post! I too loved that you were able to share how easy it is for any teacher to get started. Loved the video too! I’m going to have to check out that app too.

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