No More Manual Mode!

Going to rewind a little for you and head back to the week off I had over Easter. I was excited to have some time to sit down with my camera and try to sort out some of my issues. I thought I had so I set out on a little bit of a back road adventure in search of some old farm buildings. Here’s what I ended up with:

Yes you are seeing that right, I went from orange picture problems to white pictures!

I had the chance last week to sit down with the janitor at my school who also works as a photographer and finally got my camera troubles sorted out! You can check out his work on his website: Larry Burkowsky Photography

Breaking news: It wasn’t a camera problem, it was a user problem!

When I started my project I really wanted to learn how to use my camera in the manual setting. This goal of mine is part of what created most of my frustration with my camera. Through my conversation with Larry I learned a few important things:

  1. My camera is best suited for outdoor photography, especially if I am planning to shoot manually. If I am wanting to shoot inside I need to set my camera to auto and let it do the work, as suggested by Larry.
  2. I need to switch from using Manual more to Av (Aperture Priority) and this is going to take some time. I am still not sure I have it fully sorted but The Difference Between Manual and Aperture Priority has me on the right track. Still lots to learn!

Larry showed me how to look at my shutter speed and focal length together and that there needs to be a balance between the two. That’s my next step, figure out how to do that in the right way. Thus, my project is done for now but not forever!

A few snaps that he took while showing me how to adjust shutter speed and focal length:


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