Major Project: Moving the Finish Line

Throughout my learning project there were many different emotions and feelings towards the process!


Excited and eager to learn! I found a YouTube channel by Mike Browne to follow, started a Pinterest board, read many articles and started taking some pictures.

Middle 1:

Nervous but learning and motivated by the growth. Felt a little like I didn’t know what I ws doing but there were articles I read to help me take it one step at a time and I continued to take pictures. Signed up for a Coursera class!

Middle 2:

Frustrated with not knowing what to do or if I am on the “right” track. Turns out, there is no right track! I realized that I really enjoy watching videos and then trying to emulate the lesson from the video. I learn by being hands on and talking with someone who knows about what I am learning about. Also learned that the Coursera course wasn’t for me! I think it had great potential but that one I signed up for just wasn’t want I needed or wanted as part of my learning process.

End: Back to being excited and feeling like I have more tools to move forward! I am no where near done but am excited about using what I have learned to continue learning.

A collection of the good, the bad and the ugly photos from my learning throughout the semester can be found in the video below! Some were taken with my iPhone with a few Instragam filters added and the rest were taken with my Canon Power Shot SX20 IS.





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