Top 5 Take Away Moments from #eci831 and a Little More

Is this semester really over already? I feel like we were just at week one and getting started. I have learned, questioned and engaged in so many different things this semester that I find it hard to say I am done. I feel that this is going to be a class that continues to help me learn, grow and question my online experiences.

Creating a summary of learning was something that I struggled with most this semester because I couldn’t figure out how to take everything that I learned and put into 5-7 minutes! I think that’s the sign of a great class and I want to thank all of you for providing a learning environment that allowed for conversations and growth.

I look forward to hopefully learning with you again, should that be the case!

Finding a tool to create and share my thoughts from the semester was one of my biggest challenges but I settled on the TouchCast app and I certainly learned a lot! There are some parts in the TouchCast that lag a little and I am not sure why so please forgive me with that. I will definitely be giving the app another try as I think the possibilities it provides are pretty awesome and I know I have more to learn about how to make the presentations a little smoother but I love the idea of it being interactive. It’s an interactive presentation so you can click on most things and it will take you to that space!

Summary of Learning

#eci831 – What Do I Know Now? 

Thank you to everyone for tuning in to my writing throughout the semester and sharing in the learning process!


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