Rule of Thirds

As much as I am a bit of a perfectionist and like things to be organized in order, I also like odd numbers and sets of three, five and seven when it comes to things like hanging pictures, decorating my house and the volume on my radio/tv. I think this is why I have always been interested in pictures that fall under the idea of the Rule of Thirds in photography. Prior to this project I had never taken time to sit down and learn about the rule but just pieced together parts I have read, seen or heard and tried to apply it to pictures I have taken.

I have continued to view different videos on the Mike Browne’s YouTube channel to help me build my photography knowledge. This week I watched his video around the Rule of Thirds.

Prior to watching this I had always thought about thirds in terms of horizontal thirds and never made the connection between the horizontal and vertical as was mentioned in the video.

Some other Rule of Thirds resources I have checked out:

I am still having some Orange Picture Problems with my camera but with some time off this week I am going to go sit down with my manual and see if I can get that sorted so that I can get back to taking some pictures. In the mean time I will continue feeding my Pinterest addiction and learning new ways to use my camera!

I also started my online course this week so will share about that experience later on in the week!




  1. Thanks for sharing the rule of thirds video! I have almost no knowledge of photography but have heard of this rule before. I definitely find myself viewing things (tv, paintings, magazines, etc.) with this in mind now and I’m looking at art more critically. Have you noticed this rule pop up throughout your days?

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