My Morning with a Photographer


©Sheri Dee Photography

I was so excited for Friday morning last week! A friend and fellow teacher, Sheri of Sheri Dee Photography, also works as a photographer and she was so kind to let me come in and sit through a photo shoot of hers this past week. When I began this project I had immediately thought of approaching her to see if she would share some of her knowledge with me. I will be visiting her a few times throughout this project!

When I arrived she had her basement set up and ready for her clients to arrive. We talked a little about the equipment that she had and then it was time to get started. It was really interesting to watch how she positioned her subject and how conscious she was of the lighting and what she wanted to accomplish. In my head I was thinking, how is she managing all of this and capturing the perfect moments of a fairly busy, not to mention adorable little one year old? Clearly, she has spent a lot of time practicing. There it was, my reality check that I mentioned in my previous post. This goal of  mine was going to take quite a bit of time and quite a bit of practice.

What did she teach me?

  • how to change the aperture on my camera
  • how to adjust the shutter speed on my camera

After talking with Sheri about how she started and has developed I have some homework to do! Her #1 suggestion was to become very familiar with the manual of my camera. I am about half way through and realized this is probably where I should have started.

My goal for the upcoming week: take 5 pictures each day and use each one as a building block in connection with my reading from the manual.



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