Photo Storage – What Works Best?

After last weeks adventures in learning what ISO means and taking a few photos I quickly realized there were a few steps I needed to take before actually taking some more pictures.

First things first…

How and where am I going to store all these photo?

I wanted to be able to have the photos somewhere where I could share them through different social media platforms such as Twitter, WordPress, Instagram and Facebook. I had initially placed them in my Google drive but I didn’t like how they were organized there and how they would be shared. From what I could understand, I wouldn’t be able to go to my Google drive and share directly to wherever I wanted. If anyone knows different than this please let me know! After some brainstorming of what might work best, I remembered Flickr and that I had created an account a couple years ago. So from there I set out to learn a little bit about Flickr and where better to start then YouTube.

Photo Credit: Perry Gerenday Photography via Compfight cc
I started with the video Why You Should Use Flickr as a refresher and it reminded me about a few things about Flickr that I had known before. Such as that I could create albums, change privacy settings and share photos. Towards the end I was following along on my phone getting all the settings set the way I wanted when I realized that the video was out of date with the version of the app that I had just downloaded. Had I looked a little sooner I would have seen that the video was from 2013. Perhaps taking Howard Rheingolds 5th Social Media Literacy  – critical consumption into play would have been a good idea prior to viewing! Not to suggest the video is “crap” but rather, not relevant to what I needed at the time. So some parts were relevant, others not as much but I was moving in the right direction!

Now that I had that sorted I needed to add some photos. It didn’t take much figuring and I had uploaded the photos no problem. I couldn’t remember how to take a screen shot so I headed to YouTube again and used this short screen shot tutorial to help me out!


While I was searching YouTube for videos to get me started with organizing myself on Flickr I was also awaiting a password reset email. Who remembers passwords from accounts you haven’t used in 2 years anyway? One day I will get this whole password memory thing down pat!

Next I watched this video about how to create albums and share them.

YouTube is such a great learning tool, especially for someone like me who maybe isn’t quite patient enough to read when I want to know something right away! This video was great in that it showed me how to create and share an album. The sharing feature Flickr provides was the whole reason I chose to go with Flickr and I have a great feeling about the organization that it’s going to provide me for this project. My first album, Exploring ISO is set up and ready for a few more photos to be added this weekend! I am hoping to get out to enjoy the great weather this weekend and take some more pictures exploring ISO.



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