Where do I even start?

I am really excited about the project that I have chosen for my major project! Intimidated might be another good word to use but I am sticking with excited because this is something that I have always wanted to learn about and I am anxious to start the learning.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post,I have chosen to learn about photography and how photos can be used to tell a story. Before I can even jump into figuring out how to discuss and explore photos as a story telling medium, I need to figure out how to use that camera!
What have I done to get starter?9236827553_e4808f66c2
  • Started a Pinterest Board
  • Talked to my janitor who is a photographer, stay tuned for a future blog post about my conversation with him!
  • Lots of google searches
  • Started following Digital Camera World on Feedly

Photo Credit: Jamie Frith via Compfight cc

I have lots of learning to do but I will be starting with the three steps I found on this Digital Camera World blog post about 3 Lessons for Every New Photographer for now!




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