What’s Progress without Frustration?

Just when you think you have something to do with technology figured out there is something new to learn! This is one thing that I love about technology, it is always challenging me to learn more, try new things and step outside of my comfort zone. Now, that learning also comes with frustrations but hey, what’s progress without frustration?

During the discussion about WordPress last week that love and frustration for technology both came into play! It reminded me of the first time I tried to figure out how to set up a blog using WordPress, I felt like a complete fish out of water! I had no idea what it was asking me to do or how to do it. I was in my internship and wanting to try blogging with my students. Needless to say, it only lasted about one or two tries and I quit. I think my thought process was somewhere along the lines of, “I don’t have time for this.”

I look back now and shake my head at myself. I had no idea the potential that blogging had. That quickly changed when I took an ECMP 355 class with Dean Shareski. He opened my eyes to the importance of connecting and sharing learning with others beyond the walls of a classroom. I will freely admit that I had some major frustrations in that class, not with the class material but rather figuring out how the heck to use all these new tools! I am so glad I stuck with it and tried something that was so foreign to me at the time. I continued to try blogging as I started my career and have never looked back!

There were pieces of information shared last week that I thought I had figured out but little did I realize, there was more to learn! One should never assume they have something all figured out. Yes, I was a little over confident about my WordPress skills last week! I learned how to add a page, how to properly source an image, avoid the confusing areas of WordPress and so much more! I am quite certain that I still have things to learn in those areas as well.

Thinking back through my jouney of setting up a blog I couldn’t help but think of my first teaching position and how it provided me the opportunity to work with a principal that was so passionate about technology that you couldn’t help but jump on board! Often she talked with us about “striving to teach less and learn more” and she really lived that statement! She not only modeled her vision but she also shared the things that went well and the things that maybe flopped a time or two. We’ve all had those and have all learned from them by picking ourselves up and trying again! Many teachers were blogging with their classrooms and we also had a staff blog that we dabbled in as well! If we were willing to try, she was willing to support us in the learning process. We all had frustrations along the way but as a team we worked through those frustrations together and found growth in that process!

I feel like that growth and team work that I felt with that staff is something I am feeling in this class already, through all the different social media platforms we are using to connect. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens in the weeks ahead. I thought this image was fitting for when we talk about things being a process and that there may be some bumps, a.k.a frustrations along the way but working together we can not only smooth out some of those bumps but learn together along the way!


Photo Credit: clipartillustration via Compfight cc


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