Telling a Story


For as long as I can remember I have always been curious about photography. I have, in a very amateur way, explored it on my own in a variety of different ways. I think one of the biggest steps I took was purchasing the camera you see in the picture above. I purchased this camera the summer I convocated from my Undergrad degree. I would say that I have used it less than 10 times. This could possibly be because I always have my iPhone with me and it’s much easier to carry around than a big camera but there has always been a part of me that wanted to learn something more!

Last week I attended my first class of my first course, working towards my Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I was really apprehensive at first and had no idea what to expect. Although still apprehensive and nervous about the process, I left that first class excited and ready to learn! After the first class I had the challenge of deciding on a major project for the term. Through this project I will use Social Media to help me learn about my project and also as a means of sharing my learning. I loved this idea and had so many options running through my mind. The only problem was, I couldn’t decide what it was that I wanted to learn. Did I want to do something in my classroom? Did I want to do something simply because I found it interesting? I couldn’t settle on one thing and decided to just not think about it for a couple days. Well, low and behold, this morning while getting ready to go get groceries it came to me! That camera that has been sitting in a trunk for far too long, needs to be used and I want learn how to use it.

This past week I have had to watch a friend go through something that no one should ever have to deal with. She had to say goodbye to the love of her life. It has truly been a heart wrenching week, to say the least. Many times throughout the week I couldn’t help but think about how life is simply so short. I couldn’t help but wonder, how do we make sure we capture and remember the events that we experience in our lives? At his celebration of life, there so many pictures shared of the life that this young  man had lived. With all those pictures came stories, memories, laughs and tears. For those that only knew part of his life, as you viewed the pictures, you got glimpses into other pieces and the stories that built such wonderful memories for everyone there. Those pictures were amazing to see and will certainly bring light to such a dark time for all that loved him.

I share this story because I think that photography truly helps us capture emotion and experiences in so many different ways. Photographs are powerful and can speak volumes. I want to know how to capture those special moments in the best way possible. I am going to start by learning how to use this camera, that has collected dust in my house for far too long! From there I want to explore how photography can be used to tell a story. How do things like perspective, lighting, positioning and subjects effect how a story can be told?

Stay tuned as I share this learning journey with you. Right now I am not too sure of the path that it will take but I am looking forward to figuring that out in the next week or two.



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