The Start of Something New

Well I am back after a little bit of a hiatus throughout the past few months as I switched out of university mode and into teacher mode. I am back and am excited about it, and hope that you are too!

Two days ago I began what is likely to be one of my biggest challenges I have faced in awhile. I have started organizing and planning for my first ever teaching position, as a Gr. 4 teacher. Monday morning I came in to the school all ready to start setting up my classroom and getting right to work. After a few bumps in the road, a little bit of hard work and some elbow graese I had an empty classroom that was ready for me to put my mark on it.

I call this my classroom in the making!

Who knew it could be so difficult to put up a few bulletin board backgrounds all on your own. I think at one point I was on a stool balancing on one foot, using my hands and other foot to help keep that darn paper where I wanted to be! I am sure a picture of that would have been worth a thousand words. I think maybe this should be a skill they start incorporating into the curriculum for the education programs at our universities!

Throughout the summer months I spent time reading through the curriculums that I am responsible for teaching and working to become more familiar with all that my job is going to entail. Little did I know how much would come as I started really diving in and working on some concrete planning! I know it is all going to come together as I continue to work through but right now I kind of feel like a fish out of water!

As an educator I feel it is important to reflect on my experiences and then learn from those reflections. It is amazing what you can learn as you type out your experiences, often I find a solution or an idea before I am done with my post. I will be using this blog as a means of reflection through my first year of teaching. I hope that you will enjoy it and if you ever have a comment or suggestion I would love to hear from you!



  1. Looks like a great start Nicole! Can’t wait to read, see, and hear how it all starts off. With your dedication, I know you are going to be a challenging and motivating teacher for each of your students. Keep posting!

  2. Goodluck Nicole! I am also a Nicole Reeve and in my first year out as a Teacher – So it’s been very interesting reading your blog!

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