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My Activity Throughout the Semester

As I am sure  many of you have time to sift through all that I have done, because I doubt that you are busy with your own projects, assignments and exams, I have compiled I little list of all the things that I have done throughout the semester! I am kidding of course, Dean this one is for you mostly!

Twitter: www.twitter.com/nicolereeve

Flavors.me: www.flavors.me/nicolejreeve

VoiceThread: What is the Scientific Method?

VoiceThread Presentation: Using VoiceThread in the Classroom and as a Professional Tool

Interview with a Learner: My Interview with Allanah King

I could link to all the other blogs that I have wrote throughout the semester but they are really just a click away from the page that you are on right now.I can not possibly link you to all that I have done throughout this semester as I would have you all here for days. With that in mind, as I move into my teaching career I know that there will be blog posts to come relating to exactly the topics that were discussed in this class.

Thank you for being my audience throughout the past four months and I can only hope that you continue to follow me as I move into my teaching career.


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