Coollaborative Project

As I mentioned before I have been working with Lee Kolbert and her class in Florida for my Collaborative Project. I created a VoiceThread for her class and sent the link away for her to assign to her class. I thought this would be a great project to do with her class and one that would work well without me actually being in the classroom.  After a lot of trial and error the thread finally worked. Lee and I had to work together, and sent a lot of emails back and forth, before we finally had a version of the thread that her students would be able to access. So a little bit of extra time ,$10.00 and two threads later the thread was ready to go. I received an email from Lee saying that the thread had been assigned and the comments should be coming in quickly.

Well did they ever! I logged in to my Education VoiceThread account to find 363, yes I said 363, comments that I needed to read/listen to.Wow, was I ever not expecting that. In hindsight I should have done things a little bit differently. I am really glad that the students are enjoying the thread and learning from it but there has to be a better way to use VoiceThread in the classroom.

So I chalk this up to a lesson learned and something that I will keep in mind for the future. I have thoroughly enjoyed working along side Lee and the help that she gave me as we tried together to figure out all the different forms of VoiceThread was great. Thanks again Lee! I am going to continue to monitor the comments, even as my ECMP 455 class comes to a close, and see where this thread takes these students as they learn about the scientific method.


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