March Teach Us Something

After a few technical glitches, mostly thanks to me never having used Elluminate to present before, I did a presentation on how and why VoiceThread can be used in the classroom and as a professional tool. My partner Karmen started off our presentation by sharing with the class how to get started using VoiceThread. I was really nervous about presenting the information in a way that would be engaging for my audience, it is certainly different teaching a class of people you can’t see. I had no idea whether my audience was engaged or interested but I think it went well and hope everyone was able to take something from the presentation. I am still on the fence as to what I think about this experience. I find it really interesting that there is a tool like Elluminate to allow us to teach to people from all areas of the world but at the same time I struggle with the fact that I can never know whether my audience is truly engaged. This is something that maybe comes in time, I am not sure.

I wanted to post the PowerPoint I used in my presentation for you to have a look at and reference back to if you need. I believe the links provided throughout the presentation offer some very valid information in regards to using VoiceThread.

VoiceThread Presentation


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