A little bit of reflective thought…

This is going to be a short post but I thought it was something worth sharing! Over the past four years I have had to write maybe a handful of actual research essays. These essays, in the past, had involved me going to the Dr. John Archer Library and spending a lot more time than planned trying to find books that would relate to and help me write my essay. More often then not, I took home more books then I would ever be able to use. Once I found those books I would drag them home, write my paper, forget about them, take them back to the library only to find that I had to pay late charges. Late charges at the university library are much more expensive than those at the public library, trust me I am speaking from experience!

So the point of this post you might ask? Well in my last semester of university I find myself writing a research paper for my Philosophy: Contemporary Moral Issues class. My job is to combine the following question into an 8 page essay. Can there be a just war? If not, why not? If so, under what conditions? This essay in itself is a challenge as I have never taken a philosophy course before and am kind of feeling like a fish out of water in the class. However, with that in mind I have set out to write this paper. I had been avoiding going to the library most in part to my past experiences as described above. For some reason I thought I would search in the libraries Ebooks. I have heard of people using this but never used it myself and now I am wondering why I have not! I have not and will not need to make a trip to the library thanks to books and journal articles being made available online. I think in part I went to look there out of convenience.

However, I think the education computer class, ECMP 455, that I am taking right now with Dean Shareski, has taught me to think more along the lines of using technology to save time, be more eco friendly and most importantly enhance the way I learn and use resources. As I work on final group projects and assignments for the end of the semester I find myself wanting to integrate technology into these assignments much more than in the past. I think technology really allows us to do more than we even realize. Not only has this class helped me to learn about what is out there for me to use but it has also saved me some, undoubtedly,major late fees as I sit here working on my essay!


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