Pick One Thing and Do It Well – Interview with a Learner

I recently had the opportunity to spend sometime talking with Allanah King, a teacher who teaches in New Zealand. I had the opportunity to interview her and ask questions in regards to integrating technology into the classroom. This was a completely new experience for me but something that has turned over a new page for me in terms of what a professional learning network has the potential to do, without any face to face conversations. Allanah offered a great deal of insight on how to integrate technology into the classroom. One of the things that she said was something that I felt like I needed to hear. She said ‘pick one thing and do it well’ and this could not make more sense for me right now. As I am trying my very best to keep up to date and on top of the tasks that are part of my ecmp 455 class I know very well that I have fallen behind a little bit. After talking to Allanah I realized that I just need to slow down, think about what is going on, in terms of my class, and work through it all one at a time. Thank you Allanah!

After a few different tries and the help from some people on Twitter I finally have the video ready to share. I would love to hear your thoughts about the questions asked and the ideas we shared.  One thing I have to say is, do I really look like that when I talk? My gosh hah! I guess that is something new to keep in mind! Hope you enjoy it, can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Thank you Allanah!



  1. Thanks for sharing Nicole. BTW, you look fine.

    I trust you gleaned some ideas from Allanah but more importantly made a connection. Allanah is a great teacher doing many great things. It was interesting to hear the troubles she has with the internet in New Zealand. Universal equity of access continues to be an issue for many.

    • We are now moving into leasing our laptops instead of buying them- there are pluses and minuses for doing that- really need more forward planning and replacement on a regular basis instead of waiting for the laptops to do of overwork and overuse.

      We have a 1:4 ratio for laptops- would still like at 1:2 so whole class could practice using new applications/sites at the same time. My kids are only little so need to practice straight away rather than waiting for their turn.

      We are working on ultra fast fibre optic broadband though. Was a world first- schools got together in a collaborative venture to leverage the cable. We are a trial- others are copying the model. We can download a DVD off the network in under a minute if it is going through our KAREN network.


      All you can eat and fast. Gotta love it.

      We are investigating space on a virtual server as ours is on it’s last legs. Likened to a bottleneck.


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