Collaborative Project

In my ECMP 455 class we have been given the opportunity to work alongside a teacher and their classroom on a project that pertains to what they are working on in class. With a few things put into the mix, the teacher that I was originally supposed to work with is not going to work out. Therefore this process was slowed down a little for me but I am happy to say the project is up and running and going great! Dean got on it right away and found me a new teacher to work with ! I should mention that the teachers we are working with do not reside in the same community that we do.  Therefore, all of our communication is via email or skype (or other forms of communication similar to skype).

I am now working with Lee Kolbert on a project for her science class. Lee is also working with two other students from the ECMP class that I am taking. You can check out Chelsea and Janna’s blogs to see what they are working on with Lee,I believe they are looking for some volunteers if you are interested! To get a feel for Lee and her classroom I started to read their classroom blog on a regular basis and also started to follow them on Twitter. Both have been an interesting adventure!

So, what have I been creating for her class you might ask? We decided to go with VoiceThread and to create a thread that her students can comment on and communicate with myself and others through.  I am going to try and enlist the help of some of my peers through email and twitter and ask them to chime in on the topic. Stay tuned, I have compiled a list of topics and areas of the Scientific Method that I would like to include and once Lee and I have worked through that together I will post about that and ask for your help!


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