Exploring VoiceThread

This post has been a long time in the making. My exploration of VoiceThread started about a month ago and throughout this time I have taken the opportunity to view video tutorials about VoiceThread as well as explore threads created by other VoiceThread members. I wish so much that I would have know about VoiceThread in my internship. I would have loved to have used in for a unit I did with my students on the Solar System, it would have been a great way for them to showcase their knowledge.

Through my exploration of VoiceThread I have learned a few key things:

  • You need an account to create a thread but you do not need an account to browse threads created by other people
  • Teachers are able to moderate comments made on the threads
  • The three ways to comment on a thread are by voice, text, or video
  • Threads can be embedded into a blog and then played like a video

Reading and watching tutorial videos is a great way to get started with VoiceThread but the best way to learn about VoiceThread is to create a thread yourself. Here is a thread called Creating Community that I created myself to get a feel for what VoiceThread is all about.  I would love to have you comment on my thread!

If you are looking to get started with using VoiceThread or would like some information about it here is a great video that I found on YouTube.



  1. I wish that I had known about VoiceThread before internship too! It seems like a great tool to use as a teacher and a great tool for students to use to show their learning. The feature of teachers being able to moderate comments is also important in case some students decide to post silly comments. For my collaborative project, we are working with a grade 8 computer literacy class. I think that using this tool would be a great way to introduce ourselves to the class and to introduce the assignment we are creating. I look forward to hearing more about this great tool!

  2. Thank you for your post. I am doing a voice thread for my teacher for the collaborative project, and I have been slow getting a start on it because I am so unsure about it. Your video really helped me and I feel better about exploring it. Also, hearing that you wished you knew about it for your internship make s me think that this would be a great tool to get to know. Thanks so much.

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