Being a teacher…

I decided to take Dean’s suggestion of creating a slide quote in a different direction. I just wanted to post a quote I heard from a presentation in one of my university classes. I wish I could remember the name of the man who said this but I can’t seem to think of it at the moment. The quote goes:

“Be a human, a thinker and then a teacher in that specific order.”

From the moment I heard this statement I was intruiged by it. I think so often whether in the teaching profession or other professions it is so common to find oneself completely encompassed by the pressures of the job and we may then act differently than we would outside of those pressures. I think it is important to remain a human and a thinker throughout all aspects of our careers.  I believe it is crucial to remain the person we are and the person we want to be no matter what pressures we might face within our profession.

Do you think this is something that we should be keeping in mind as educators and professionals alike?  Will it be hard to determine the balance between performing the tasks that outline our job description and maintaining our own personal self?



  1. I think that being a human first is what got those two Winnipeg teachers into trouble. When I’m in the school, the role of teacher comes first for me. The students are like my clients, and it is my job that I provide them with the best learning envrionment I can with as many learning opportunities as I can.

    • I think you make a good point Mike but I would have to partly disagree with you. I think as humans we make mistakes, that is inevitable. I think the part that got these two teachers in trouble was that they forgot to think. I think at one point in our lives we have all got caught up in a situation and we must take that experience and learn from it. In no way shape or form am I agreeing with the actions of the two Winnipeg teachers. I think the importance of the quote is to think about how being a human, a thinker and then a teacher are all intertwined.

  2. I guess it depends on what one means by being human. Some interpret that as being about to do whatever they want, which obviously comes into conflict with the teaching profession.

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