The title of this post is a word that resonated with me as I read through a variety of blogs and articles provided by my professor Dean. As I worked my way through those articles I made sure to bookmark a few that I found to be very interesting and thought provoking.

Reflection, what is it and how will it affect me as an educator?

This is a question I continued to ask myself throughout all of these blogs.  A very important question one of the blogs asked is, what is the importance of remaining reflective? First I want to talk about this in relation to the students. We want our students to be active in their learning and as teachers we are responsible for providing them with those opportunities, if not helping them get excited about reflecting on their learning.  I think blogging is just one place where we can start to involve students in the reflection process. I certainly am not suggesting that we should not evaluate students  grammar and use of language but I think if we as educators allow students to freely express themselves in a blog, to start, we will see more thoughtful responses from students.

In relation to myself as an educator, I think remaining reflective is extremely important. Not only is it important for me throughout this course but it is also important as I start my career as an educator. In the fall I will hopefully be starting out my career as an educator and I know that there will be many instances where I need to sit back and think about whichever situation it may be that is requiring that extra time and thought. I think blogging is a great avenue for me to think out and sort out my thoughts in regards to reflection.  With that in mind I am slightly apprehensive because I worry that what I have to say may not be informative or of interest to the reader. Is this something that I should worry about? How do I go about sorting this out for myself?


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  1. Hey Nicole!

    The whole time I was reading this post, I was nodding my head! I really like your comment about not evaluating students grammer and their use of langage in students blogs. Blogging to me is just like a diary entry but your making your thoughts visable to the entire world. When students are aware that their thoughts are being shared at a global level, I believe that they are more likely to be immersed in the reflective process. And as far as your own reflections being informative/interesting to the reader, if they are important to you, then thats all that matters! Happy blogging!

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