Getting Started

I am starting to feel a little bit more organized in my final semester of university but there is certainly a lot left that needs to be done. I got a little worried this weekend when I sat down and looked at all that I needed to do for my ecmp 455 class but I sit here writing this post at 12:00 am and I have been working on stuff for this course for about 4 hours! I am so intrigued by all that I am going to learn in this course.

I just finished getting all set up for Twitter and I did not realize all that it has to offer. There are so many avenues to be explored and things to learn simply through the click of a mouse. At times, I think I will still find this course a little bit overwhelming but I think that will only help me to learn even more from this course.  Does anyone have any suggestions on videos to watch or articles to read about how to go about using Twitter?

Like I mentioned I just set myself up to use Twitter and as I was looking at my instructors page (is that the right term for Twitter?) I came across this article that he had retweeted  and found it to be so interesting and something that I think could spark a variety of opinions.

Here is the article “Why Teachers Should ‘Friend’ Students Online”, give it a read and I would be very interested to hear where people stand.

As for me and where I stand, I think I am still on the fence.  I feel that the author made some very strong points in the article and I couldn’t agree more that we, as educators, need to teach our students appropriate online behavior and maybe this is the place to start, maybe it isn’t? I personally lean more towards the side that if students are taught how to properly communicate via social networking there is definitely a place for student-teacher interaction through social networks. The question I am left with and that I pose for those who read this is where do we start to educate students on how to properly connect via social networking when so many of them have learned and are currently practicing ineffective or inappropriate behaviors online already?

Hope to hear from some of you about this!

Happy Blogging!


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